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Flexmind is among the largest teams of Dynamics solutions integrators in France. Boasting several partnerships with our publisher, we are recognised as a Microsoft Pure Player.

We challenge constantly our knowledge, by the monitoring, the training and the immersion inside our customer sectors. This is the accumulation of wealth-knowledge and expertise that we propose, favoring the originality of our operational supports and strategic advices according to level of requirements.

This positive and singular vision, source of added value, is the philosophy which gathers us. It is a sign of independence, responsibility, and team-spirit for an unfailing commitment at your side.




Team Spirit



Innovation as it happens!

Innovation as it happens!

Flexmind has no qualms in investing in Research and Development to maintain the forward impetus that people have come to expect of us. We accord growing importance to staying abreast of new technologies with a view to providing our clients with better services and solutions that anticipate their needs and future issues.

All of our consultants regularly undergo certification on the latest versions of the solutions on which they operate. It is essential to make the most of our team to maintain this grasp of innovation, custom-made and long-term success.

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