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Because every customer is unique, tracking and personalizing the relationship becomes a must.

Why do you need to stand out?

The stakes in a hyper competitive environment are important and the sustainability of a company depends on its service quality. In a digital age, big data and social media, customer expectations are constantly evolving and a customer strategy is crucial. It is increasingly difficult and expensive to find new customers. Customer satisfaction and his loyalty are the reason being and the condition of sustainability of companies: driving customer satisfaction to increase loyalty!

Some good practices can help you stand out:

  • Manage your processes and motivate your teams with high-performance mobility tools
  • Help your teams (sales, marketing, customer service) increase their productivity
  • Facilitate contact with the customer through different channels
  • Measuring the customer satisfaction and anticipating dissatisfaction

Do you have a tool to meet all of these objectives and much more? Don’t you have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution?

Measuring customer satisfaction: for what purpose?

The virtuous circle of satisfaction shows the importance of constantly improving service quality in order to increase customer loyalty. IT isn’t the simplest step in customer relationship but the goal.

Service quality depends on customer satisfaction. According to American Express, 78% of consumers abandoned a transaction due to poor customer service.

A loyal customer can be profitable for four reasons:

  • Recommendation (a satisfied customer speaks to five people, a dissatisfied to ten, without mentioning the multiplication on the social networks),
  • Additional sales,
  • The price (a loyal customer is less price sensitive)
  • Cost reduction (a loyal customer cost three times less than a customer to conquer)

To earn customer loyalty, the company must be able to etablish a relationship of trust, based on a good knowledge of the client as well as his current and future needs.

Loyalty policies must be based on several pillars: service quality, response time, optimization of contacts and complaints management …

Retain your customers no matter the size of your business!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: essential to your loyalty goal

81% of consumers who were disloyal to a brand say that the brand could have done something different to keep them as customers. (Accenture)

CRM enables you to build relationships of trust, customer loyalty and improved understanding, while maximizing the productivity of your sales, customer service and marketing goals. It is intended to recover process and analyze information from customers and prospects in order to retain them and offer them the best service.

The relationship with « hyperconnected » customers tends to move towards new types of interactions, or even to create new business models. In addition to being able to assess your customers’ satisfaction, the CRM solution gives you the ability to identify potential complaints from social networks like Twitter and act within a very short timeframe.

Identify the behavioral reason, visualize the customer journey on all types of channels and media, switch from one type of analysis to another easily and understand the reasons and impact of the customer behavior : CRM is the key success of your goal.

Large companies: a personalized CRM solution

Do you want to listen and understand the voice of your customer? The CRM solution allows you to put your customer at the heart of your business strategy and multichannel strategy. The goal is to coordinate and retrieve all client interactions that emanate from all channels. This strategy includes :

  • Sales force automation (customer and prospect files, tracking …)
  • The organization of customer support (call centers, customer tracking …)
  • Customized Marketing campaigns management (sales history, segmentation and targeting, marketing campaigns …)
  • Optimizing social monitoring and stimulating customer engagement (listening and analyzing networks, creating relationship with your customers and enriching your database)

Attracting and retaining your customers are the key factors for a positive and successful customer experience! For 64% of marketers, the customer experience is a strategic priority in 2016 (Adobe Study).

Flexmind offers a CRM solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM because it brings many advantages tailored to your business, scope and growth. Mobility, 360° vision of the customer, native integration with Microsoft Office tools that are adaptable to an existing information system … Essential aspects to increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Interested in a solution for your customer satisfaction ?