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The e-commerce and retail sectors in France are expanding rapidly and have become attractive, dynamic markets.

The pairing of e-Commerce and ERP helps to enhance the success of retail websites!

According to figures (2015) from FEVAD (Federation for e-commerce and mail order selling) published on 28 January 2016:

  • Online purchases have increased by 14.3% in one year, versus growth of 11% in 2014.
  • Online transactions have increased by 19%, rising to 835 million, the billion mark may well be passed in 2016.
  • 25,000 additional websites in 2015, or +16% in one year.

ERP is not just for large companies. SMEs too have need of a management tool. Even though the investment may seem considerable, it is essential, particularly for the e-commerce and retail sectors. Being able to manage orders, regardless of the sales channel, buying in stock, managing invoices, etc., are vital to the good health of your business.

Moreover, constant change in the trade sector, with the strong presence of multichannel selling, for example, brings a new dimension to an integration project. To face up to these fresh challenges, Flexmind applies its expertise to the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution to:

  • Manage your entire product catalogue
  • Manage selections and pricing
  • Manage orders from each one of your sales channels
  • Manage stock in real time and buy in fresh stock

For retail, CRM is the key to a loyal client base!

CRM is not just a database tool. It also enables you to focus your strategy on the client. With the advent of multichannel selling, you can enhance intelligence on your clients provided that you are equipped with a solution appropriate to your CRM strategy.

The point of CRM in business is to understand and anticipate the needs of your clients in order to promote the best deal to them. With its considerable experience of the market, Flexmind offers its clients the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to:

  • Centralise any and all client communications (emails, phone calls, etc.), whether transactional or After Sales-related
  • Compile and maintain an order history
  • Incorporate the social networks
  • Gain client loyalty
  • Run targeted, automated campaigns

Boost business with BI!

A Business Intelligence (BI) solution? What is that exactly? It’s a solution that makes it possible to retrieve data, analyse it and help you make decisions. These days, it is important for all companies to integrate an analysis tool alongside its other management solutions.

Flexmind has fully understood what is at stake and can offer you the Power BI solution. This tool can be integrated alongside your other management solutions (ERP, CRM, etc.) and enhance your flexibility to:

  • Visualise and analyse all of your data in the same place
  • Create your dashboard
  • Insert your KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Share your reports, analyses …
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