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It is essential for services companies to stand out in a booming market where competition is increasingly strong.

Unlike firms that sell products, tangible goods, the main activity of professional services is the provision of technical or intellectual capacity.

This market includes several sectors and business areas such as transport, consulting firms, financial and real estate activities, communication agencies, etc. Companies with diversified activities but with common concerns and issues:

  • Competitiveness
  • Budget constraints
  • Delivery of a service on time
  • Customer satisfaction

Today in full flow, many new comers enter the market. Beyond rough competition, services companies face increasingly demanding customers. A need that translates into a requirement for services with a decreased timeframe for delivery and high value added. As the market evolves quickly, responsiveness and flexibility are key competitive advantages in order to be permanently rehabilitated.

To stay competitive, they must today stand out and respond to new challenges: “How can we not only serve our customers better but also increase our teams’ productivity? “

A PSA tool, what is it?

PSA is the acronym for “Professional Services Automation”, which is an automated service activities management. A tool that simplifies the entire service’s supply chain and thus cover all the business activities: from objectives’ analysis to identification then tasks’ assignment until the project’s the progress while calculating the Costs.

Integrating a PSA software package within your company allows it to support its growth in order to create a real leverage of performance and profitability. Consequently, it leads to a complete valorization of the whole company’s organization. Moreover, there’s a 3.6% increase in turnover for companies using a PSA integrated into their ERP and / or CRM (source: SPI Research 2016 Professional Services Maturity).

Nowadays, PSA answers the long waited need for cross processing management. It must meet needs of the various businesses and its stakes, which are:

  • Management of business opportunities
  • Project management (planning and allocation of resources according to skills, evolution of tasks, remains to be done etc.)
  • Administrative management of teams (absences, expense reports etc.)
  • Budget management
  • Easy integration with other information system tools
  • KPI’s and postponed business

However, adopting a tool that fits your specific field and needs is not as simple as it sounds. Indeed, this choice directly and strongly influences any team’s work effectiveness. Given the variety of tools available on the market, there is a key question for services companies: “What software can be used to carry out projects on time and on budget? “.

Reply from Flexmind with Dynamics 365 for PSA

Through its core business, IT service delivery, Flexmind understands the needs and challenges of services companies. We know the importance for companies to capitalize on their experience and knowledge to improve productivity of their operational teams. That’s why our experts rely on Dynamics 365 solution including the Project Service Automation application for ease-of-use, flexibility and high level of automation of the application.

Indeed, Microsoft wants to support services companies and therefore proposes an application adapted to this type of companies. A tool that evolves constantly in order to anticipate future needs and respond to new challenges. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for PSA confirms its leadership in the marketplace through ease of use and maximum automation with all the features that are specific to different users. The objective of PSA for commercial purposes is to facilitate the native integration of its business process which is from the opportunity to the quotation with a 360 ° view of customer information.

For project teams, the objectives are to:

  • Simplify estimation, resource planning based on required competencies and project monitoring by integrating tasks and milestones into the timeline.
  • Effectively forecast demand for resources, budgets and timeframes for future projects.
  • React quicker to risks (KPI’s are represented graphically).
  • Automatically bill the customer with set frequencies.

As for resources, the tool simplifies expense reports’ input, absence request and project monitoring.

Effective team collaboration enhances productivity. Project overview and all modifications made (status, deliverables …) are visible in real time by the project team, the client and the partner thanks to the different portals, in particular the mobile application.

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