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Supply chain management lies at the heart of the system that governs all goods movements!

Microsoft Dynamics AX and warehouse- and transport-based functionalities.

Microsoft has endowed its Dynamics AX ERP with two major functionalities:

  • Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Transport Management (TMS)

Fully integrated into the existing functionalities, they have been added to complete the functional coverage of supply chain jobs.

It is now possible, for a large number of companies, to have their logistics chain management fully integrated in their ERP, thus freeing themselves of an interfaced solution or else taking back control of an activity formerly farmed out to a third party.

Relying on its business experts, Flexmind will help you with the roll-out of these new functionalities:

  • Warehouse definition and mapping
  • Establishment of incoming, outgoing, transfer and return traffic in support of production
  • Parameter settings for the portable mobile terminals of warehouse staff
  • Creation of carriers and transport pricing
  • Establishment of routing and deliveries
  • Parameter settings for pricing rules and invoice reconciliation

The supply chain brings together those tasks and activities that pertain to a firm’s physical traffic.

It therefore incorporates supply, storage, distribution and shipping.

Once a second class activity within a firm, it has become strategic in a globalised context in which we buy and sell in the four corners of the world.

A few figures:

  • According to the French Ministry of Transport, goods traffic (taking every method together) circulating in France represented 340 billion tonnes per kilometre in 2013 (source: Ministry of Transport).
  • Our global goods traffic in 2014 amounted to more than 900 billion euro according to INSEE (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies).

ERP will provide you with a better overview of supply chain logistics!

In this context of global trading, each company must constantly endeavour to optimise its cost prices to conquer markets and maintain its presence in the face of now international competition.

The supply chain is a key element in ERP in ensuring the availability of the right product, in the right place, in sufficient quantity and at the fairest price.

In combination with the sales force, control of the supply chain makes it possible to meet delivery deadlines and guarantee a high level and quality of service.

Flexmind expertise will support you in connecting the various links in the supply chain with:

  • Forecast and planning
  • Supply, buffer stock and resupply schedules
  • Warehouses and storage, stock location and picking route, resources management
  • The distribution and management of returns, upstream/downstream, multimodal and international shipping
  • Reporting, service levels and optimisation of stock

Thanks to its proven experience in the field, Flexmind will stand by your side to take on the challenges of e-commerce!

It is impossible to speak of e-commerce without the supply chain. Dynamic and constantly growing, e-commerce is a business sector in which management (and control) of the supply chain is paramount.

Whether you are a pure player in e-commerce or simply want to expand your business with online sales, you are going to have to set up new distribution channels and rely on optimised logistics services:

  • Setting up cross-channel business
  • Guaranteeing permanent availability of the product
  • Automating and optimising your order preparation procedures
  • Offering a faultless delivery service
  • Taking on the challenges of client returns
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