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Flexible, complementary offers designed with you in mind!


Flexmind’s support
goes well beyond simply setting up your projects

Because we believe that a partnership is a long-term commitment, we offer our clients help and support in the day-to-day use of their professional tools.

Flex’Care is the Flexmind support package. Our functional and technical business experts are at your disposal to guarantee the ongoing optimisation of your Information System. Our dedicated department provides you with assistance on a daily basis and offers you 360° visibility in resolving any incidents that you encounter.

And as each client is unique, we can provide you with a custom package for assistance with and maintenance of your solutions. In this way, we offer support and updates of your tools and provide advice on any new and/or regulatory technological issues. You can also take advantage of TPAM, guaranteeing you a full quality service.

The advantages:

Custom support packages

Maximisation of operational efficacy

Optimised ROI
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By Flexmind business solutions!

Today’s world is constantly changing, whether in terms of new trades and professions or new needs, but especially with the advent of new technologies. At Flexmind, we are aware that those changes mean factoring in fresh issues and challenges each and every day.

That is why we rely on the support of business experts who get involved in R&D in order to anticipate your future needs. Our solutions evolve with you to meet tomorrow’s challenges today!

With Flex’Ready, take advantage of our solutions, which can be quickly put in place and do not require a new infrastructure.

The advantages:

Solutions adapted to your business

Future-proof products

Reduce infrastructure costs

Fast implementation
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Flexmind leads your employees above the integration project.

Some studies have shown that, one month after training, 80% of what has been learned is forgotten. This is why, over and above so-called traditional classroom training, Flexmind also provides your employees with ongoing training. Thanks to an innovative, intuitive and productive Digital Learning plateform, your employees will consolidate their knowledge and boost their productivity.

In addition to providing interactive and custom support for each user, they are also adapted to your company and to each business process. Trainings are available online via web, a tablet or a smartphone so your employees can organise their training sessions themselves.

With Flex’U (University), enjoy our classic training sessions and our training courses thanks to Digital Learning.

The advantages:

Innovative and Intuitive Plateform

Interactive and custom supports

Productivity Increase
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