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Because we believe that a partnership is a long-term commitment, we offer our clients help and support in the day-to-day use of their professional tools.

Custom support packages

As each client is unique, we can provide you with a custom package for assistance with and maintenance of your solutions. Our Flex’Care service helps to support your company and update your tools and will keep you apprised of any and all technological innovations that will help to boost your business.

The various service levels that we can offer:

  • Solutions updates (ERP and CRM)
  • Tracking and optimisation of technical performances
  • TPAM contracts, assistance and maintenance agreements:
    • Curative maintenance
    • Preventive maintenance
    • TPAM

Maximisation of operational efficacy

The Flex’Care team is made up of functional and technical business experts in order to guarantee the ongoing optimisation of your Information System. Our dedicated department provides you with assistance on a daily basis and offers you 360° visibility in resolving any incidents that you encounter. Thanks to the SLAs (service level agreements) in place, your users will get a fast response to any incident encountered.

Flexmind’s support package guarantees a full, flexible and efficient service to optimise your ROI.

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