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Flex'Ready is a range of solutions designed « By Flexmind » to meet day-to-day needs in the businesses of marketing, client service and HR…

Solutions adapted to your business

Flexmind provides you with solutions that meet the needs of the businesses of marketing, client service and HR…

Flex’Ready products help your staff to save time as they go about their day-to-day business. In a single application, they will have every functionality they need to do their job. These solutions help to improve their efficiency, achieve their objectives and, as a result, improve your ROI.

Future-proof products

Flexmind relies on its business experts and its R&D department to develop its solutions by integrating the latest functionalities and meeting tomorrow’s challenges head-on.

Our consultants will be aware of trends in the sector and business sphere and of any changes to the tools on which our applications are based. Flexmind’s teams make it a point of honour to be attentive to the needs of our clients. It is paramount for us to provide you with support and assistance in bringing your ideas to fruition and, as a result, enhancing our solutions to provide an effective and viable response to your needs.

Reduction of infrastructure costs

Our applications are all hosted on Azure, the Microsoft cloud. Azure guarantees our clients straightforward use and data security.

Thanks to this host system, you will free yourself of the installation and maintenance costs of your infrastructure, while taking advantage of optimised performances for your utilisation.

Simply by logging on to internet, your staff will be able to access and work on the application from any type of hardware.

Fast implementation

The integration of a new tool in an information system is often complicated and involves a considerable investment of time and money.

That is why we have designed our products in such a way that they are ready to use. Integration then becomes much more straightforward, which allows you to make the most of your new application by a known deadline and at a fixed budget.

With its turnkey solutions, Flexmind handles installation and configuration and provides your users with training, support and assistance.

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