Flexmind goes the extra mile to help you with your integration projects, providing a production and distribution service for learning content and user procedures.

Some studies have shown that, one month after training, 80% of what has been learned is forgotten. This is why, over and above so-called traditional classroom training, Flexmind also provides your employees with ongoing training. It is important for us that our training is tailored to each user in order that they can master what they have learned and be regularly assessed according to their availability.

An innovative, intuitive and productive Digital Learning solution

With Flex’U (Flex’University), Flexmind provides a Digital Learning platform to assist and advise your employees in consolidating their skills and increasing their productivity while producing personalised assessment indicators.

Custom support for each user

Such support is interactive and customised to be tailored to the context of each company and each business process. End users have the opportunity to be given better training in the procedures of their own firm! Each instructor or training department can track the level achieved by each employee.

To train you wherever and whenever you want

Your employees can access their training courses directly via the web, tablet or mobile phone so that they can organise themselves the time they spend on working and revising.

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