CRM is a solution intended to retrieve, process and analyse information
on clients and prospects for the purposes of gaining their loyalty and providing them with the best service.

A CRM solution allows you to make your clients the focus of your corporate strategy. You can understand and anticipate their needs in order to suggest a package that matches their requirements.

Internet has considerably changed information on clients. Today, the sheer range of offers has made the client increasingly demanding on companies. With the digital revolution, managing the relationship consists in establishing an overall strategy as well as a multi-channel solution. The objective being to coordinate and retrieve every client interaction from each of those channels. This strategy also includes:

  • Automation of the sales force (client and prospect files, tracking, etc.)
  • Organisation of client base support (call centres, monitoring client feedback, etc.)
  • Custom Marketing management (sales history, segmentation and targeting, marketing campaigns, etc.)
  • Optimisation of social monitoring and stimulation of client commitment (listening to and analysing networks, creation of links with your clients and enrichment of your database)

Attracting and winning the loyalty of your clients are the key factors in achieving a positive and successful client experience!

The Flexmind CRM solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM because it offers a number of advantages such as:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly use
  • 360° overview of the client
  • Customisation and extensibility
  • Native integration with Microsoft office automation software
  • Different types of deployment: SaaS, On-premise, Online, Hybrid
  • Can be adapted to an existing IT system

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