ERP is a management solution that aims to coordinate all activities, key processes and users from a firm's various job sectors.

According to the CXP (Software Packages Skills Centre), to be integrated an ERP software package must:

  • Come from a single designer
  • Guarantee the user the uniqueness of information handled by the availability of the entire database structure from each of the modules, even when used individually
  • Be based on a real-time update of information modified in every module affected
  • Provide audit leads based on the guarantee of total traceability of management operations
  • Cover either a management function (or sector), or the company’s entire IT system

More than just a software package, ERP is a real solution, presented in the form of complete jobs modules (finance, production, purchasing, stock, etc.). It therefore connects the various functions within a company using a common database. So job processes are standardised and transactional data converted into usable information.

Installing ERP means rolling out a real project for full integration within an organisation or a specific structure.

The Flexmind ERP solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics AX because it offers a number of advantages:

Integration of the Microsoft Office automation tool

  • Functional richness
  • Adaptation to changes to organisational models
  • Ergonomics and simplicity
  • Fast and fluid implementation of management processes
  • Multi-language and multi-legislation solution

This ERP is verticalised especially for industry, retail, distribution, services and the public sector.

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