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Dynamics 365 is the new offer from Microsoft that promises to combine on the same platform: CRM, ERP as well as other applications!

Thanks to its versatility, 100% cloud-based applications from organizations can now create cross-functional business processes. It ranges from ERP to CRM while benefiting the productivity and document management from Office tools (Office 365). It will also be able to use predictive intelligence and data analysis tools such as Cortana Intelligence or Power BI that are natively integrated into the Dynamics 365 offering.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform lets organizations choose one or several applications they need at first and others can be added them as they grow. Used individually or in combination, they enable you to answer business problems while offering added value for productivity.

All businesses within the same company can be covered through Dynamics 365, from financial management to marketing, sales, customer service and operations.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Give your sales teams a smart solution to increase efficiency, anticipate your customers’ needs and increase in sales.

This application will provide your salespeople the information, advices and tools they need to reach targeted prospects, retain loyalty while making sales. It will foster collaborative work among your teams, strengthen a relationship of trust with your customers through personalized and relevant interactions.

  • Vision 360° de vos données client
  • Collaboration entre vos équipes
  • Gestion des prospects, clients, opportunités et devis
  • Analyse des ventes

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

This application will give your customer service advisors a 360° view on the information and history of your customers. With a real-time distribution of information, this platform guarantees personalized and coherent commitments.

By providing a customer portal, the interactions between your customers and your company will be homogenized thanks in particular to self-service, community service and assisted service. Enhance your teams with a complete service solution that delivers responsive and flawless resolution.

  • Multichannel Service
  • Self-service for customers
  • Database
  • Single interface
  • Data analysis

Dynamics 365 for Field Service

You will optimize the field of interventions for your teams by managing your resources and their workload through planning tools.

By providing your teams with this application, you’ll make it easy to make field appointments, improve the management of all services’ contracts, products installed at your customers’ and their guarantees. These management tools that assist your teams and field services will improve the services you offer and thus transform new opportunities.

  • Optimized planning
  • Service contracts
  • Inventory management
  • Mobile Productivity
  • Connected devices
  • Customer Communications

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA) will help your teams to carry out their projects while guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

From a single solution, your project teams can plan, monitor, visualize, measure and invoice your projects. In definitive, it’s an automated application that allows you to increase your teams’ productivity and respond, in a relevant and personalized way, to expectations from your customers.

  • Customer management and opportunities
  • Project planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Mobile Productivity
  • Time and expense management
  • Customer Invoicing

Dynamics 365 for Operations

Bring added value to your business by integrating this application to ensure efficient and smarter operations.

Dynamics 365 for Operations is designed to meet expectations of specialized trade, manufacturing, services and public sectors. It will allow you to improve financial management, sales and operations as it integrates perfectly with the Office applications that you use every day.

Provide your employees with a solution that optimizes and promotes the interconnection and sharing of data in real time between the different businesses, from distribution or production to customer service, sales and accounting.

  • Inventory management
  • Logistics and transport
  • Budget Planning
  • Point of sale terminal system
  • Demand forecast
  • E-commerce

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