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The advent of new, and the strong presence of, digital technologies bring a growing influence to bear on businesses.

Clients consume and run their own searches on products online with their mobile devices and via the social networks. That is why the interaction between a company and its clients is undergoing such a profound change. It forces organisations to adapt to these new trends and construct a new, more personalised and closer form of client relationship.

Flexible and future-proof, Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes the specificities of the client relationship, irrespective of the size of your company and your Online or On-Premises implementation choices.


Equip your sales teams with a CRM solution to enhance their effectiveness in this new age. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform will provide your sales staff with the information, advice and tools they need to target the right prospects and win the loyalty of your clients, all the while closing sales deals. It will favour collaboration between your teams and strengthen a relationship of trust with your clients thanks to relevant, personalised interaction.

  • Management of sales activity
  • Sales on mobile media
  • Management of accounts, contacts, prospects and opportunities
  • Exploitation of data from social media to identify fresh leads and contacts
  • Sales analysis – Reports and performance indicators

Client Service

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM your consultants will have a 360° overview of your client information and history. Complete with the real-time circulation of intelligence, this platform guarantees custom, consistent commitment. Make the most of your teams with a full service solution capable of providing an impeccable responsive solution.

  • Multi-channel service
  • Single interface
  • Management of company files
  • Knowledge base


Today’s world is constantly changing. That is why now, more than ever before, companies have to innovate in the client participation process. More than half of the buying process, i.e. 57%, happens before the intervention of your sales force. So the presence of the marketing department must be reinforced to manage and act at each stage.

Plan, run and assess your campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, the CRM marketing solution. With this platform you can make your marketing vision a reality across all of your channels. In this way, you can strengthen client participation and your sales pipeline while demonstrating the impact of your marketing investments.

  • Simplify the planning and running of marketing campaigns
  • Improve the management of campaign feedback
  • Develop Intelligent Marketing: Gather data to allow you to customise and focus your campaigns. This pool of information will facilitate a proactive, custom message according to the client’s favourite buying channel, profile and likes.


The new communication channels now enable companies to develop their business by taking advantage of their clients’ commitment, which may happen any place any time. The digital world and especially the social networks have become vital to running your business. Users’ comments and online discussions increasingly influence your clients. They are better informed and no longer get their information by traditional methods. The online world is the new source for your clients.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you will be able to increase commitment by listening to and analysing your social networks independently.

  • Operate social monitoring (pinpoint trends, your trend-setters…)
  • Analyse the data from the social networks
  • Establish a link with your clients (share information, multimedia content, reply to comments…)
  • Share social data with your sales, marketing and service teams

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