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Azure is the flexible Microsoft open Cloud solution.

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform offering a diverse range of complementary services for computing, data storage, networking and applications that accelerate migration and productivity.

The Cloud Azure platform is the industry leader for IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offerings. A strong association to develop, deploy and manage the infrastructure and applications of your choice.

It also offers hybrid cloud solutions that enable both the benefits of your data center and the public cloud. The main objective is to extend your IT options while reducing their complexities.

This cloud hosting increases your capabilities quickly and easily, without having to manage the infrastructure and server complexities. You will not worry about anything unless you decide on rise in importance needs.

  • Windows Azure: main component of the Azure platform, it is an operating system, adapted to cloud and installed on the servers of Microsoft.
  • SQL Azure: This is the cloud version of the Microsoft DBMS, SQL Server.
  • Azure AppFabric: Provides tools for creating cloud applications with advanced features, or “hybrid” applications running partially on the cloud and partly on dedicated or private server.

Windows Azure seduces companies by its flexibility. Indeed, you can adapt your hosting capacities according to your needs, all in real time and reducing the application load decreases, which consequently reduces your expenses. Therefore, you are able to react quickly and easily to any load increase, expected or unexpected.

You also benefit from the extensive Azure platform across the globe, Microsoft offers no fewer than 6 datacenters dedicated to Windows Azure.

  • Development of an infrastructure: virtual machines, storage, backup, etc.
  • Development of modern applications: website, mobile services, development-test etc.
  • Overview from data: SQL database, stream analytics etc.
  • Identity and access management: active directory, multi-factor authentication

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